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ISS is a premier venue for presenting research in the design and use of new and emerging surface and space technologies. Tutorials provide a broad overview of particular topics in the area of Interactive Surfaces and Spaces from recognized experts in the field.

We invite industry and academic leaders in interactive surfaces and spaces technologies interested in leading a tutorial session at ISS 2021 to submit a tutorial proposal following the guidelines below. Tutorials should focus on topics relevant to the ISS community and can include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Architectural concepts and emerging trends
  • Immersive analytics and data physicalization
  • Museum and art installation trends
  • Interaction paradigms around large surfaces (tangibles, pen+touch, etc.)
  • New and emerging body and space sensing technologies
  • Overview of social protocols, presence, territoriality, and proxemics
  • Evaluation methods for surface applications
  • Multi-touch interaction with mobile devices
  • Large scale and outdoor interactive spaces (projected interfaces, drones, ...)
  • Feel, taste, smell and splash user interfaces on surfaces
  • Affective spaces and surfaces
  • ... and other exciting topics!

Depending on the final decisions regarding the conference format, authors will have the possibility to offer either virtual *or* hybrid tutorials. Nevertheless, we invite tutorial organizers to think creatively about how tutorials can leverage the fact that ISS 2021 will likely be held (primarily) as an online conference. We encourage tutorials that explore new ways of engaging the ISS community that would not be possible in a traditional offline format. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Online tools and technologies
  • Demonstrating hardware setups and installations, exploring the ins and outs of setting up interactive spaces in our labs
  • Live coding and code demonstrations
  • The latest hardware and platforms (e.g. HoloLens 2, pen & touch, gaze trackers, LIDAR sensors, MaxMSP, P5.js)
  • Using online tools to scale tutorials (e.g. multiple camera angles for sketching)
Tutorials can run from 90 minutes to a full day (the length is up to the tutorial organizers).

Submitting a Tutorial Proposal

We request a short proposal (up to 4 pages, excluding references) in the single-column ACM Master Article Submission Template. Accepted proposals will be part of the ISS 2021 conference proceedings and will be available in the ACM Digital Library.
Please include the following information in your tutorial proposal submission:

  • Title of the tutorial
  • Full contact information of all tutorial organizers and the main contact person (if there are multiple organizers)
  • Topics and objectives of the tutorial and how these are relevant to the ISS community
  • Description of planned hands-on activities and topics covered during the tutorial
  • New: A description of how the organizers plan to handle the online aspects of the workshop
    • Given the situation with COVID-19, the ISS 2021 tutorials should be possible to conduct under a hybrid model.
    • Please indicate how you aim to facilitate and support an engaging tutorial in an online format.
  • Short bio of the tutorial organizers

Please include a single information page (in addition to the 4-page proposal) with the following information:

  • A maximum 100 words pitch advertising the aim and objectives to your tutorial
  • Proposed tutorial length (90 min, half day or full day)
  • Maximum number of tutorial participants

Please submit your tutorial proposal using the ISS Precision Conference submission system by the deadline on August 6, 2021.

Selection Process

Tutorials will be reviewed by the tutorial chairs with the help of members of the ISS 2021 Tutorials Committee.

Upon acceptance of your tutorial

Upon acceptance, ACM will send you a copyright form, which you have to complete. Once completed, we will provide you with the new copyright information to be put on your paper. You can then submit the final version (including the new copyright notice) through the Precision Conference System by 15th October, 2021.

For each accepted tutorial, at least one author must register for the ISS 2021 conference. The authors are expected to lead/facilitate the accepted tutorial at the conference during their assigned tutorial session. Authors will also be required to upload a still image as well as a one-minute preview video that will both be used to advertise the demonstration before and during the conference.

More details will be provided in the following weeks regarding the organization during the conference and the adaptation that will be implemented due to the virtual or hybrid format of this year’s ISS conference.

Tutorials Co-Chairs

Michael Stewart, James Madison University
Abdallah El Ali, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica

If you have questions about Tutorials for ISS 2021, contact the Tutorial Chairs