Please note that the deadline was extended to August 13.

Important Dates AoE (Anywhere on Earth)

Workshop submission deadline:  
Notifications sent to authors:  
Call for participation released by workshop organisers and workshop website up and running:  
Camera-ready deadline (for workshop organisers):
Workshop participant submissions deadline:
Workshop participants notified of acceptance:
Workshop day:

Overview of the process

Workshops lead to two distinct submission types:

  • Workshop organisers: proposes a workshop and organise it.
  • Workshop participants: register for the workshop and eventually submit a position paper (depending on the workshop instructions). Note: position papers are not included in the proceedings of the conference but can be published elsewhere based on the decision of the workshop organisers (e.g. on the workshop website).
  1. Workshop submission: workshop proposal

    Workshop topics and events are proposed by the organisers. The ACM ISS workshop programme committee will review the workshop submission and notify the workshop organisers (accept or reject the workshop proposal).

    The accepted workshop proposals will be published in the official ACM ISS proceedings.

  2. After workshop acceptance:

    Workshop organisers should submit the camera-ready version of their workshop proposal

    Workshop organisers:

    • Send out call for participation/position papers
    • Self-organise the submission process for participation/position papers
  3. Workshop participant submission: position paper (according to specific workshop instructions)

    Once the call for participation/call for position papers is online:

    • Workshop participants can submit a position paper to the workshop organisers
  4. After position paper deadline:

    • Workshop organisers review position papers submitted to their designated workshop
    • Workshop organisers send out position paper decisions (accept/reject) and communicate the camera-ready deadline for position papers to workshop participants
  5. After camera-ready deadline for position papers:

    • Workshop participants submit their camera-ready position paper to the workshop organisers
  6. During and after the conference:

    • Workshop organisers set-up and moderate the workshop
    • Workshop organisers take care of post-workshop activities if applicable (e.g. special issue, continuous discussion,...)

General Information

We invite researchers and practitioners working in the field of interactive surfaces and spaces to submit workshop proposals for ACM ISS 2021. ISS Workshops provide a unique opportunity to discuss ideas, challenges and new work around more specific topics in the area of interactive spaces and surfaces.

We welcome proposals from a large variety of topics and domains. Example topics include but are not limited to the topics of the conference:

  • Technical and theoretical concepts for interaction:
    • Architectural concepts
    • Social aspects and protocols related to interacting with surfaces and spaces
    • Multi-modality
    • Interactive 3D spaces (Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality, mid-air displays, ...)
    • Interactive architecture
    • Software engineering methods and frameworks
    • Interactive surfaces and spaces that support group work or social interaction
  • Interaction modalities:
    • Multi-touch interaction with mobile devices
    • Large display interfaces and multi-display environments
    • Gesture-based interfaces (hands, finger, body)
    • Interaction paradigms around large surfaces (tangibles, pen+touch, etc.)
    • Multi-modal interfaces
    • Tangible user interfaces
    • Body-worn devices
    • Different materials and form factors: curved, sand, water, …
    • Large scale and outdoor interactive spaces (projected interfaces, drones, ...)
  • Emerging trends:
    • New and emerging body and space sensing technologies
    • Feel, taste, smell and splash user interfaces on surfaces
    • Novel interaction techniques and paradigms
    • Beyond traditional surfaces: shape-changing and actuated surfaces, body-related, ...
  • Applicative domains:
    • Immersive analytics and data physicalisation
    • Museum and art installation trends
    • Hardware, including sensing and input technologies with novel capabilities, and results from maker communities
  • Design, experimentation and evaluation:
    • Evaluation methods for surface applications
    • Human-centered design and methodologies related to interactive surfaces and spaces
    • Empirical evaluations of novel interactive surfaces and/or spaces designs
    • Evaluations of deployed interactive surfaces and/or spaces in specific domains (public spaces, education, science, business, entertainment, health, art, homes, etc.)
  • ...and other exciting topics!

All workshops will take place on November 14, 2021 and will run for either half a day or the full day.

Workshops can be open (free to anyone who registered for it) or closed (attendees need to submit position papers). Please indicate the length and type of workshop in your proposal (see below). Accepted workshop proposals will be part of the ISS conference proceedings and available in the ACM Digital Library.

Submitting a Workshop Proposal

We request a short workshop proposal (up to 4 pages, excluding references) as well as an additional information sheet about the particular workshop requirements (1 page). Please format your submission using the single-column ACM Master Article Submission Template

Please include the following information in your 4-page workshop proposal:

  • Workshop title
  • Full contact information of all workshop organisers and the main contact person
  • Topic, nature and goals of the workshop
  • Relevance of the workshop to the ISS community
  • Topics and planned activities covered in the workshop
  • A description of how the organisers plan to handle the online aspects of the workshop
    • Given the situation with COVID-19, ISS 2021 will most likely be hybrid (online and on site).
    • Please indicate how you aim to facilitate and support an engaging workshop in a hybrid (synchronous) format
    • Example tools that could be used to facilitate online brainstorming include: Mural
  • Program Committee members for the workshop (if applicable)

Please include a single additional information page (in addition to the 4-page proposal) with the following information

  • A call-for-papers to your workshop (200 words max.). We recommend including specific instructions for the participants (e.g. required format of the position papers)
  • Link to your workshop website
  • Proposed workshop length (half-day or full-day)
  • Workshop type: open (only requires registration) or closed (requires the submission of a position paper)
  • Maximum number of participants

Please submit the workshop proposal using the PCS Submission System system by July 30, 2021.

Responsibilities of Workshop Organisers

Workshop organisers are expected to organise and facilitate all proposed workshop activities. We suggest the page limit for workshop papers to be 4 pages excluding references using the single-column (ACM Master Article Submission Template), but it is up to the organisers to make this decision. Due to the very tight schedule, we unfortunately cannot include the contributions of workshop participants into the official conference proceedings and the ACM Digital Library.

Workshop organisers will be asked to:

  • Organise and manage the review of submitted workshop papers (e.g. through a reviewing system such as EasyChair)
  • Set a workshop position paper submission deadline (see important dates section) and an author notification date (see important dates section).


  • Registration: I would like to organise a workshop. Do I have to register for the conference?
    • Yes, everyone who organises or attends a workshop needs to register for at least one day of the conference and the specific workshop.
  • Registration: I would like to participate in a workshop? Do I have to register for the conference?
    • Yes, everyone who organises or attends a workshop needs to register for at least one day of the conference and the specific workshop.
  • Publication: I want to submit a workshop proposal. If the workshop proposal is accepted, will it be published in the proceedings?
    • Yes, the proceedings will include the workshop proposal but not the workshop submissions
  • Publication: Should my workshop proposal be anonymized?
    • No, the proposals should not be anonymous
  • Publication: I want to submit a workshop paper to a specific workshop. If the workshop paper is accepted, will it be published in the proceedings?
    • No, the proceedings will only include the workshop proposal but not the workshop submissions. However, the workshop organisers can decide if they want to publish the accepted workshop papers elsewhere (e.g. on the workshop website).
  • Workshop organisation: What are the plans if ISS is going to be hybrid or virtual?
    • Previous conferences have shown that it is possible to organise engaging workshops in a virtual setting. Workshop proposals should include one paragraph that specifies how a hybrid (synchronous) and/or a fully virtual workshop will be implemented.
  • Workshop organisation: What are exemplary tools for brainstorming online?
    • Miro
    • Trello
    • Mural
    • Evernote
  • Workshop organisation: Is ISS providing access to a video conferencing software?
    • The conference provides access to a Zoom license.

Workshop Chairs

Jasmin Niess, University of St. Gallen
Lauren Thevin, UCO-Bretagne Sud

If you have questions about Workshops for ISS 2021, contact the Workshop Chairs