We are delighted to present the following two pre-conference events. For submissions to the individual events, please consult the respective websites as soon as available!

Computational Augmented Reality Displays

Organizers: Daisuke Iwai, Yuta Itoh, Parinya Punpongsanon

Interactive surfaces and spaces (ISS) research has been advanced by augmented reality (AR) display technologies. Recent trends of computational displays overcome limitations of existing display technologies by optimizing both hardware and software while considering human perception. This workshop focuses on computational AR displays (CARD) to explore emerging ISS research issues by promoting communications and interactions between ISS and CARD communities.

Approaching Aesthetics on User Interface and Interaction Design

Organizers: Chen Wang, Sayan Sarcar, Masaaki Kurosu, Jeffrey Bardzell, Antti Oulasvirta, Aliaksei Miniukovich, Xiangshi Ren

Aesthetics are influential in how willingly, how comfortably and how efficiently humans interact with objects, devices, ideas and systems. HCI communities strive to develop comprehensive interactions nowadays, while the factors and applications perspective of aesthetic interaction still deserve to be explored. In this sense, the goal of this workshop is to discuss the basis of aesthetic consensus in HCI design and potential methodologies and strategies to develop an understanding of the aesthetic factors for interactions on surfaces and spaces.

Tutorials and Workshops Co-Chairs

Sowmya Somanath, OCAD University
Junko Ichino, Tokyo City University

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