Recommended Accommodations

ISS 2019 does not have an official hotel; instead, we will list several recommended accommodation options in the vicinity of the venue below.

Hotel ICC

Innopolis Daedeok Guesthouse

  • 11 minutes by car from KAIST: Google map
  • Price: Single(1person): 40,000 KRW
    Double(2persons): 55,000 KRW
    Deluxe (4persons): 75,000 KRW

Toyoko Inn

  • 10 minutes by car: Google map
  • Price: ~ 55,000 KRW

Graytone Hotel

  • 10 minutes by car: Google map
  • Price: ~ 65,000 KRW

Good morning Resident Hue

  • 10 minutes by car: Google map
  • Price: ~ 80,000 KRW

Lotte City Hotel

More Accommodations

There are three regions with hotels around KAIST. They are all in about 10 minutes’ drive from KAIST.

Region A:

  • Hotel ICC and Innopolis Daedeok Guesthouse belong to this region.
  • This region is easily accessible by bus from KAIST (6 bus stops)

Region B:

  • Toyoko Inn, Graytone Hotel, and Good morning Resident Hue belong to this region.
  • It is a new center of the city, and has relatively clean environment.

Region C:

  • This region used to be called Yuseong, an old hot-spring town, so it has relatively old environment.
  • It has a few good hotels and numerous motels.

Click here to open a Google map showing the neighborhood of KAIST.