We awarded several distinguished contributions to highlight important work as well as promising future directions in the area of interactive surfaces and spaces.

  10-Year Impact Award

Sticky tools: full 6DOF force-based interaction for multi-touch tables

Mark Hancock, Thomas ten Cate, Sheelagh Carpendale

  Best Academic Paper Award

FingerInput: Capturing Expressive Single-Hand Thumb-to-Finger Microgestures

Mohamed Soliman, Franziska Mueller, Lena Hegemann, Joan Sol Roo, Christian Theobalt, Jürgen Steimle

  Best Application Paper Award

Honourable Mentions

LeviCursor: Dexterous Interaction with a Levitating Object

Myroslav Bachynskyi, Viktorija Paneva, Jörg Müller

Post-meeting Curation of Whiteboard Content Captured with Mobile Devices

Danniel Varona-Marin, Jan A. Oberholzer, Edward Tse, Stacey D. Scott

EagleView: A Video Analysis Tool for Visualising and Querying Spatial Interactions of People and Devices

Frederik Brudy, Suppachai Suwanwatcharachat, Wenyu Zhang, Steven Houben, Nicolai Marquardt

Optimal-T9: An Optimized T9-like Keyboard for Small Touchscreen Devices

Ryan Qin, Suwen Zhu, Yu-Hao Lin, Yu-Jung Ko, Xiaojun Bi

   Best Demo Award

Handheld Haptic Interface for Rendering Size, Shape, and Stiffness of Virtual Objects

Yuqian Sun, Shigeo Yoshida, Takuji Narumi, Michitaka Hirose

 Best Demo Honorable Mention Award

MagicPAPER: Tabletop Interactive Projection Device Based on Kraft Paper

Qin Wu, Sirui Wang, Jiayuan Wang, Zixiong Qin, Tong Su

   Best Poster Award

A Study of Material Sonification in Touchscreen Devices

Rodrigo Martín, Michael Weinmann, Matthias Hullin

 Best Poster Honorable Mention Award

A Tabletop System Using an OmniDirectional Projector-Camera

Kosuke Maeda, Mitski Piekenbrock, Toshiki Sato, Hideki Koike